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Royale Wellness

Royale Wellness consists of the world’s best food supplements and beverages, which provide the body with the needed essentials nutrients to ensure good health and wellness.

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Royale Beaute includes the top of the line L’opulent cosmetic products, known for their phenomenal efficacy and world class quality.

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Royale Beauty

Royale Beauty products are soaps and cosmetics, proven effective in nourishing the skin and enhancing the appearance of the face and body.

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Royale Care

Royale Care comprises of superior quality products used for personal hygiene.

About us

Royale Wellness and Beauty Essentials by Chad and Fe
Beauty, Health, Opportunity and Wealth. "Helping people is our way of life"

is an online store of an authorized dealer/distributor of Royale Business Club International Inc., Philippines. This website is to serve your Royale products just a click away! Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns about our international transactions. This website does not represent Royale Business Club International Inc. as an entity but represents as Registered Business Associate/Dealer of Royale Business Club International Inc. who is solely responsible for the overall management and operation of this website. Royale have more than 30 product lines that excites the market not just products that give them beneficial effects but products that give them source of income that would allow them to get their dreams in life. Royale's product architecture lies from health and wellness products then diversifies into beauty products and right now continuously upgrading with products that would cater to different customers than what Royale use to cater like getting more products from United States that caters to specialized needs like products for blood, sugar, diabetes, cholesterol, weight management, and anti- ageing. Royale feeds the market, the products that are not just ordinarily available in supermarket, but products that are unique and really sellable, products they don't really find in stores which could provide them with a reasonable price.

  • Royale have other partners who provide to some stores nationwide. Royale provides to DAVID'S SALON, also available in some WATSON'S stores, in RUSTAN'S supermarket, on top of that Royale has their own branches. Right now Royale has more company owned branches. Royale has about at least 135 national mobile stockiest distributors, on top of their national distributors.

  • Royale has about 80% products manufactured here in the Philippines. 20% or less are from United States and some part of Europe, but all product raw materials that Royale manufactured in the Philippines are 95% from America and Europe. They are just assembled here and they are packaged here for distribution facility.

  • Royale gained accreditation of the World's Independent Arbiter on Branding, the "SUPERBRANDS". It was founded by advertising executive Marcel Knobil in London in 1994. Its membership programs pay tribute to the world's leading brands, the brands perform above and beyond other brands within their respective markets as selected by experts and consumers. Superbrands has launched its programs in many key global markets and has publications in over 80 countries.

  • November 20, 2011, The day when ROYALE officially became a multi-national corporation. Congratulations to all Royalistas! Let us all be proud! From Philippines to the World, we ROYALIZE!


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